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Teacher Grade: A

Difficulty Grade: 3/10

FSN 210

Grade Received: A

posted 2019

Overall, this was a pretty basic class (not really a surprise given it's a GE). There's online homework due every week, which is absolutely not hard. You can redo it until you get an A, it just takes some time, so try not to procrastinate. Her tests aren't too bad (basic multiple choice), you just gotta know all the different nutrients fairly well. There are some random "projects" (easy papers) and the dietary analysis project, which isn't bad at all and graded pretty leniently so long as you do it.

My only complaint with this class is her participation system. She randomly does like 5 "participation" (attendance checks), which ended up being 6% of our grade. Plus, since one of them was her just asking us to submit something online that wasn't posted on PolyLearn (therefore you wouldn't know to do it if you weren't in class), I straight up forgot about it and lost that whole point. If you're unlucky like me and happen to get sick on one of the other ones, you end up losing a decent amount of points.

Overall, though, definitely a decent professor for what shouldn't be (and isn't!) a particularly hard or boring class.