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Teacher Grade: C-

Difficulty Grade: 3/10

POLS 111

Grade Received: B

posted 2019

The class itself is easy enough, since all of the questions and answers are online. The final, though, is on some bullshit. The format of this class was bizarre; first of all, 50% of your grade is based off of modules-- quizzes on various topics relating to California government. That leaves 50% of your grade relying on the final, which also happens to be 100 questions in 50 minutes. She claims that the final questions are taken from the modules, but the modules are actually questions that are randomized for each individual student, so there is no way to actually study and prepare for the same shit on the final. Which is fucked, right? Anyways, if you're taking this class, it's probably because you only need one credit to fulfill the GE requirement, but just be prepared to deal with some bullshit, because myself and a lot of other students had easy A's until we got fucked by the final. If I had the choice, I would stay far away from this class, because you can study your ass off for the final and still see questions you didn't even know you had to study for.

Teacher Grade: B-

Difficulty Grade: 7/10

POLS 111

Grade Received: A-

posted 2019

This class should have been wicked easy, it is 100% online except the final. She was nice enough at the two class meetings, and the answers are usually found on quizlet. The issue is you can only study your own modules, and when it comes to the final, you can study your ass off and still get a B.

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POLS 112

Grade Received: A

posted 2016

This was a weird class. It was rather disorganized, and the first half was hour long lectures in the 2 hour time span (we were let out early) just hearing someone talk about Politics, then the second half of the quarter was hearing someone just talk about politics really fast because we were pretty behind. People in this class didn't know that the US has a 3 branch government, which is embarrassing. It basically is government 101, and probably covers what you learned in 8th grade. The exams were all copied from quizlets freely available on line, so everyone did really well.All in all I feel like I learned nothing, got an easy A, and had an OK time. Professor Andrews is a great person, but man was the class disorganized. I'd much rather sit down and talk politics with her than take another class. But hey, I'll also take the free 4.0.

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POLS 350

Grade Received: unknown

posted 2018

I think we probably need to give Dr. Andrews a pass, because she had a rough quarter in her personal life, but there were days where she was all over the place. It was very theory intensive, and she would only lecture for the full two hours without giving any breaks. I think she cares a lot, and she's obviously brilliant, so I think without the distractions, the class would have made more sense, but it was rough. There is a group project at the end, and your group is assigned, and it's worth 70% of your grade, so definitely be proactive about doing the work. Overall, okay class, but definitely not straightforward or clearly presented.