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Teacher Grade: A+

Difficulty Grade: 8/10

ARCE 444

Grade Received: C+

posted 2019

Anahid is an amazing professor. Everything you learn in any of her classes comes useful in the next class(es), except you understand it because of how thorough her teaching, notes, and homework are. Just like her other classes, she expects much from her students but sets us up to succeed. Any opportunity you have to take her should be jumped upon. You won't regret it!

Teacher Grade: A

Difficulty Grade: 8/10

ARCE 412

Grade Received: C-

posted 2019

ARCE 412 can be difficult depending on how dynamics went for you, but Anahid simplifies and organizes all the content so you know what kinds of problems require what kinds of methods of solution. Her midterms and exams can be a time crunch, and her homework can take a lot of time - so be prepared. But you will learn a ton! Definitely worth it, and glad I forewent having this class with all my friends so I'd have the better professor.