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Teacher Grade: A-

Difficulty Grade: 8/10

CHEM 127

Grade Received: B

posted 2018

This class was my hardest of the quarter, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The class happens to be very fast paced with labs every other class and lots of reading, pre and post lab work, and studying to do outside of class. He asks that you read the proper material before class in order for us to expand on that through labs and his brief overviews in class.

He doesn’t spoon feed you anything. If you’re just taking the class as a support, you might not like him. You have to commit and want to learn to do well.

His grading scale shows how hard the class is:
A: 80+%
B: 66-80%
C: 50-66%
D: 40-50%
F: 0-40%

He gives two midterms, the first worth 100 points and the second 200. The final is worth 300. Because of this you can ace the first midterm like my friends and slack off later and easily fail the class.

The final in our class had an average of 54%. The average on midterms was 65%.

The first midterm I got a 91 and through EC got a 100. I worked hard for that but then slacked. The second of two midterms I got a 60% Completely my fault. Then I worked my ass off for the final and got a 64%, which is really good based on the avg.

My recommendation: if you take him, make this class your priority. Form study groups and go to office hours and practice using the old exams he gives you. Spend at least 10 hours a week on this class. It’s super easy to get A’s on all the homework and his quizzes are usually on content from the previous week so make sure you’re studying the right thing. For the final, study your ass off. If you do all this you can easily get an a. If you’re just trying to get by, you can do it because of the grading scale.

Overall, even though I didn’t ace the class, I learned a hell of a lot and I’m very happy with that. It was a pleasure to take such a challenging but enjoyable class (oh and I still think that even though it was at 7am).