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Teacher Grade: A

Difficulty Grade: 1/10

PHYS 133

Grade Received: B

posted 2019

Alfredo is a very organized professor and the class setup every day is super straightforward. I really enjoyed being in his class as he makes the class period go by very fast with his dumb but funny physics jokes. Overall he was a good professor but the content itself is just super difficult to understand. His tests were basically 100% conceptual as I took the studio format of the class and had no midterms but rather "weekly assessments". I had about a 77 average on the weekly assessments and got a 55 on the common final and finished the class with a solid B. Yes the class gets curved like crazy.

Teacher Grade: C

Difficulty Grade: 8/10

PHYS 132

Grade Received: C-

posted 2019

Alfredo is a very sweet person who has all good intentions but I think he is a less than great professor. He has a super thick accent, speaks quietly, and often speaks at the board which means that no one can understand him. He would also write wrong things on the board sometimes and then correct them but not tell us so we would have wrong things in our notebooks. He does not have an office so our "office hours" were spent in the noisy 6th floor lobby of Baker. We also did tutorials/ exploratory activities before we learned the material which ended up confusing the class even more.

There is homework every week, a weekly assessment every Wednesday, pre-lectures, labs, and the final. He grades pretty harshly and because of that most people failed several assessments and the final.

In review, Alfredo is amazing but the class and his teaching are not. If you decide to take the class with him read the textbook and try to get help from other professors too.

Teacher Grade: D

Difficulty Grade: 8/10

PHYS 133

Grade Received: D

posted 2019

Please save yourself and find another physics professor.

His class is a prime example of how lots of effort still gives poor results.
Every week, we have LONCAPA (online homework), which takes me a solid two days (5 hours/day) finish and it does not even help with exams. We also have turn-in homework, which is more like the exams, but he does not return them until a few days before the final (yes, during finals week). I got 50% or lower on the midterms when I've been getting 75-90% on the homework and quizzes (from what he passed back so far). Why? Because he expects you to explain all 6-7 questions (not including parts a, b, c, etc.) in 50 minutes, while on the quizzes, we get about 20-25 minutes for 2 questions. I asked him about why I was doing so poorly on the midterms; he said it was because I wasn't explaining things fast enough and that's why a lot of students do so poorly on exams. He said that all of the classes have to do the same thing, but when I asked my physics 2 buddies with different professors, they said their professors were NOTHING like mine.

That is also another thing with him- he does not put grades online until week 9?ish, but by that time, it's too late. He still has not put in grades after week 4 quizzes (and it is the day before the final).

If I have to take physics again, I am definitely going to take another professor. Probably should have done that in the first place and save some time and wasted effort.

Teacher Grade: B+

Difficulty Grade: 4/10

PHYS 133

Grade Received: A

posted 2020

If you know what you're doing and actually pay attention to lecture, it won't be too difficult. It was annoying to not really have any of my grades in until the very end of the quarter, but other than that it wasn't too bad.