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Teacher Grade: A+

Difficulty Grade: 4/10

STAT 130

Grade Received: B+

posted 2019

Professor Rossman is my favorite professor at Cal Poly. He is very well organized and gives us notes packets with key terms and blank spaces for examples that we work through together in class. The pace of the class is perfect for someone who has never taken a STAT course before. The amount of outside work is very minimal. He assigns a few reading quizzes each week and you only have to skim the chapters to get 100%. His midterms were very straightforward and he drops multiple quizzes at the end of the quarter to boost your grade. He was the best!

polyratings post

STAT 305

Grade Received: A

posted 2016

He is overall a good professor. He is pretty straight forward with his material if you go to class you should be able to get a good grade in his class. Many people rake him for his voice but I always thought it was amusing because it kinda always sounded like he was asking a question....anyways his test are easy if you pay attention in class you don't really need to take notes in class because he has print out notes for each class....If you have the chance to take him, take him!