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polyratings post

MU 328

Grade Received: unknown

posted 2016

I usually don't take the time to write a report for a professor, but after taking her Women In Music class (MU 328), I had to. Professor McLamore is an extremely condescending, unforgiving, and obsessively anal professor. She will appear fair and helpful on the surface, but if you disobey any of her 200 specific directions, she will undoubtedly find a way to discredit and diminish your work. You have to memorize music terms, composers, eras, biographies, and intricate details. You have to listen to a tremendous load of music examples and every single component of each song. If you consider those adequate requirements for a class, feel free to take it, but if not, go take another C4. Also, it is pretty clear she has a bias towards Music Majors.