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Teacher Grade: A

Difficulty Grade: 5/10

ENGL 134

Grade Received: A-

posted 2018

Professor Marini knows what she is talking about. It's so refreshing to see someone who is passionate about the subject teaching it as if they are learning it along with the students. This class had meaningful discussions and explored many different pieces of writing. There was plenty of time to write essays and the grading was not extremely harsh.

Teacher Grade: A+

Difficulty Grade: 5/10

ENGL 145

Grade Received: A-

posted 2019

Professor Marini is an amazing English professor. The reading materials that she assigned, while it may seem a lot at first, are very engaging and made me learn a lot of about a topic that I wasn't very interested in at the beginning of the quarter. She encourages students to participate in the class and the discussions that are done in the class were some of the most thought-provoking discussions I've had for any class in my education. The essay assignments were pretty straight forward and she gave plenty of time to complete the work. I'll miss this class and I would recommend anyone who takes to take ENGL 145 or ENGL 133 with Professor Marini.